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The best .22 air rifle to take on your next camping trip

If you are excited about your camping and hunting, make sure you are fully prepared for it all.  There is nothing worse than standing in the middle of the jungle with a pack of cigarettes and realizing you did not bring matches.  If your camping trip involves hunting, you obviously cannot forget your rifle.

First, we need to say that if you are planning on hunting small game, the .22 caliber air rifle is the best choice.  Bringing with you the best .22 air rifle can make the difference between a successful hunting campaign and a fruitless one.

A great thing about this rifle is that it is light and easy to carry.  No hard work is needed to transport it anywhere.  This is actually a good advantage, especially if you are hiking long and high.

Even if you are a starter, you get a good chance of hitting your mark more frequently.  The lightweight characteristic makes it easy to target and fire with minimum backfire.  It is really a breeze for hunting trips.

It is also safe and pretty easy to use.  It adds to the great experience of a camping trip.  Pick small game such as deer or rabbit and watch this great gun perform nicely for you.

But let’s go over the main characteristics of the .22 air rifle that makes it so great:

  • They are not the best choice for long-distance targets.  However, they are the best choice for power and versatility for short range hunting.
  • It has a beautiful and sleek design that appears nicely on your camping gear.
  • It is one of the best rifles for hunting small game.  Due to its versatility, hunting trips do not make you overtired and you are able to aim at animals bigger than a squirrel.
  • The gas-powered (GP) and pellets system guarantee that you will not run out of shots.
  • It´s highly ergonomic design makes it easy for you to focus on your target and not on your gun.  This is especially important if your hunt scurries.
  • The price is probably one of the most attractive features of this rifle.  You really get a high value for your money.

This is hands down the best rifle to take with you on your hunting trips.  If you are taking young kids with you, they can even try to do some shots themselves as it is pretty convenient, safe, and easy to use.  This one is highly recommended.