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Handy Safety Items for Camping

When people think of safety items, they often think of larger safety kit that will be stored away and only seen in the case of an emergency. While safety kits, especially ones that include medical supplies, are highly necessary, there are some great items out there that usually aren’t considered for safety, but now offer those types of capabilities. With ever-advancing technology, many practical tools are becoming much more versatile, allowing you to get the most out of your apparel, tools, and shelter.

In this article, we would like to briefly highlight two safety items that are a must for camping, with a focus on convenience, practicality, and familiarity.


It probably goes without saying that a flashlight is an essential tool to have with you when going camping. It’s not like you have the light from cars or overhanging streetlights. Being stuck somewhere at night, having to fix a shelter in the middle of the night, or really doing anything at night in the wild, will be extremely difficult without the help of a flashlight.

There are really two options you can opt for here. First, you could stock up on cheaper, but functional, flashlights that may not last very long, but you use them in an almost disposable manner. This is an appealing option, especially for those on a budget; however, this means it’s always a good idea to have multiple flashlights on you at a time in case one breaks. The second option is to invest in a bright and durable flashlight that will stand up to any punishment that you throw at it. As you may have guessed, the main downside here is that you need to be able to spend a good chunk of change on a flashlight, which even when you do have the means, it can still be difficult.

In any case, light is necessary, making a flashlight an essential safety item. Fortunately, the size and multiple applications makes it easy to justify purchasing, especially if you don’t already have one.


It wasn’t too long ago that watches were for only for telling the time. Now, with all sorts of advanced technology to beef up the capability and durability of many different watches, there is a watch for almost everything. If you plan on camping in the woods, especially in an area that you are unfamiliar with, a watch with GPS capability, or at least a compass, can be a great safety item to have without adding anything to your storage.

So where do you get a watch that is suitable for camping in the wild? Many military-style watches have now become available to the public, and these allow for next-level durability and incredibly useful navigation features to help you find your way. Casio is a popular brand that makes a lot of these types of watches, but there are many out there to choose from, so shopping around is always a good idea. It may be tough to buy a whole new watch for the purpose of camping, but it could be a lifesaver down the road.

Thinking and Planning Ahead

We use both “thinking” and “planning”, as we regard these as two different stages of preparing for a camping trip. Thinking can be done casually well ahead of time. What do you already have, what do you need, what could be useful for the areas you camp in most? Thinking about what you would do in different situations, regardless of how unlikely they might seem, is a great way to get a head start on your planning. Once you get closer to your trip, you can start the planning stage, where you confirm what you already have and actually go get what you need. Lay everything out in front of you to make sure you have everything. Once you’re out the door and on your way, you will have one less thing to worry about, and you’re free to unwind in the glory of nature!

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