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This Course Includes:

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4-Part Video Series

Your instructors will guide you through the details and strategies that led to their success.

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Course Workbook

This PDF guide outlines the course materials covered in the videos with additional detail and examples.

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Expert Interviews

This course also includes interviews with the owners of today’s fastest growing Instagram accounts.

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Bonus Materials

Get expert advice on account analytics and building engagement to help you succeed faster.

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Created by Today’s
Top Instagram Marketers

There are a lot of brands on Instagram. Marketing success requires finding strategic advantages over your competition. This course will show you how to set-up your account for massive success regardless of your objective.

Also included are exclusive, in-depth interviews with some of the fastest growing accounts on Instagram. We discuss each account owner’s personal experiences, challenges, and strategies for monetization that led them to their success. Do not miss this head-start on the path to Instagram marketing mastery.

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Education + Motivation

The Motivation Mafia was created to inspire young entrepreneurs, artists, and creators to achieve more. Our goal is to curate and create the best possible resources for our members; and that these resources will equip you with the tools you need to take control of your fate and build the life of your dreams. We offer access to exclusive interviews, life hacks, educational material, and case studies on success.
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About The Authors

Steve Mehr

Steve Mehr is a serial entrepreneur, CEO, lawyer, author, and speaker who found success early in life. While he still manages over a dozen businesses, his primary focus is on entrepreneur education and motivation. Steve started on Instagram just over a year ago and currently sits at over 700,000 followers.

Ruben Chavez

Ruben Chavez is an author, motivator, and coach focused on mindset tips and personal well-being. After only a short time on Instagram his audience is growing at an incredible rate and the engagement he sees with his content is above and beyond anyone else in his category. He now exceeds 1 Million Followers.

Also featuring interviews and contributions from:


“Instagram is the best and fastest way to reach new people and get them engaged with your content. In a very short time I’ve been able to turn sharing the things I love into a full time career with opportunities all over the globe. Instagram is the main contributor to the growth of my social influence.”

- Luis Garcia, Entrepreneur

"The new customers we’ve gained from our account is really just a bonus. I get the most satisfaction from connecting with people and helping them through our Instagram account. I love reading the positive comments people leave on our posts.”

- Candice Wright, Business Owner

“In a very short time our Instagram account has driven a good flow of new customers; both from our own posts and the promotions we run with partners. It has allowed our brand to quickly build a large and engaged audience with strong affinity and loyalty to our brand. “

- Michael Schulz, Marketing Professional

“One of our biggest challenges (like most brands) was awareness. We started in obscurity; no one knew our brand or what we stood for. Our goal was to touch the lives of millions of people; so we set-out to find ways to dramatically expand our reach. Our Instagram page very quickly became that platform.”

- Sean McDonald, Business Owner

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